Wagons must be fully registered and wagon fee of $100.00 paid by December 15, 2017. The fee will double between December 16th and December 29th. Wagons not paid by December 29th 2017 will not roll for the 2018 year! Membership cards and Indemnity forms must be paid & post marked by January 18, 2018 or double fees could apply.

You must have a current coggins (within 1 year) and a 3O-day health certificate (dated January 17, 2018 or later) on your horses or mules. Because of new HLSR rules, you must have 1 copy of the coggins & 1 copy of the health certificate attached together. (EX: if you have 5 horses on 1 health certificate, then you need 5 copies of it so we can attach 1 health certificate to 1 coggins.) These must be turned into your wagon boss. Please keep your originals with you.

Wagon Bosses will be responsible for turning in ALL paperwork on Sunday, February 18, 2018 to Sally.

2018 SGT/HLSR Rules and Regulations

2018 HLSR Indemnity Form – Must be signed

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