2020 Scouts

2020 Chief of Scouts

UndWilliam Moneyer the direction of William Money and the Trail Boss, Scouts of the Salt Grass Trail Ride provide many invaluable services to trail riders and to the public. A few of the scouts’ duties include enforcing policies of the Salt Grass Trail Ride and Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™, keeping riders behind the wagons and out of harms way, advising of hazards, on coming traffic, keeping spectators out of harm’s way, assisting with unruly or injured animals, repairing or replacing broken tack or equipment, and assisting with medical attention if necessary.

Salt Grass Trail Ride scouts are expert horsemen and patient advisors, strong voices of authority, and smiling comrades. They are revered and appreciated by all members of the Salt Grass Trail Association.

Vincent Montalbano – Wagon 7
Wesley Martin – Wagon 17
Joe Landry – Wagon 23

Joe Diez – Wagon 17
Dusty Rhodes- Wagon 20
Terry Shupak – Wagon 23

Matt Devine – Wagon 7
Mark Temple – Wagon 16
Kurt Klausmeyer – Wagon 17
Rusty Sillivan – Wagon 17
Shondra Cortez – Wagon 20
Don Nelson – Wagon 21
Joe Bergestrom – Wagon 21

Dakota Robinson – Wagon 6

John Parmley – Wagon 8
Tom Hakemack – Wagon 17
Bart Havard – Wagon 18
Charlie Morgan – Wagon 20
Mitch Morgan – Wagon 20
Joe Landry – Wagon 23

Charlie Morgan

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