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Wagon 1: LH7 Legacy Riders


Wagon Boss: Kyra Vaughan Natho
The Marks Family Wagon owned by 4th generation Marks, Kyra Vaughan Natho and 5th generation Marks, Lauren Natho Heard, was the original lone wagon that started with the first Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1952.

On that ride were E.H. Marks, Assistant Trail Boss and wagon owner, Reese Lockett, Trail Boss from Brenham, Pat  Flaherty, of Houston’s Channel 2 who served as Wagon Boss, and John Warnasch, who was Mr. Marks’ ranch foreman and served as the first muleskinner for the Salt Grass Trail. Currently, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th generations of the Marks family actively participate in the ride. Kyra and Lauren continue to carry on the legacy of the original riders especially honoring their Great Grandfather, E.H. Marks. The Marks LH7 Legacy Riders have served as lead wagon since that first ride and has never missed a day on the trail. E.H. Marks’ children, Atha Marks Dimon, Maudeen Marks, and Travis Marks, have participated in the ride since the early years. Atha Marks Dimon participated in the ride until her passing at age 99 on Christmas Eve of 2009. She started riding in 1953 and never missed a ride. She was known to all of us as Mother, Grammy and Ms. Atha. She was a great example to us all as a Salt Grass Trail member and a lady.

Our goal as a family is to continue to promote agriculture, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ and our family’s legacy of western heritage and the SALT GRASS TRAIL RIDE.

Wagon 2: LH7 Bed Roll Wagon


Wagon Boss: Bill “Bandit” Williams
Assistant Wagon Boss: Thomas Washington

A Marks Family Wagon owned by 4th generation Marks, Kyra Vaughan Natho and 5th generation Marks Lauren Natho Heard.  This wagon was added in 1954, which preceded the information of the chartered association and was to carry the bedrolls, tents and other supplies necessary for the ride. Maudeen Marks (Daughter of E. H. Marks) was one of the first riders and owned Wagon 2 for many years. She handled the publicity for the Salt Grass Trail Association for many years and was even known to stand in the river bed to report the progress of the ride.

Among many other accomplishments and contributions, Maudeen is responsible for the song, “Riding Down the Salt Grass Trail” being written and is now sung during the ride. It can certainly be said that Maudeen was one of a kind and the mold was broken when she was made! She was a colorful and poetic person. Maudeen Martha Marks is no longer with us and will always be remembered as a great asset to the Salt Grass Trail Association.

Wagon 3: Reese Lockett Wagon

wagon 3 z

Wagon Boss: Bill Franks
Assistant Wagon Boss: Jeff Graeter
Teamsters: Don Hildebrandt & Jeff Graeter

Reese Lockett, a Salt Grass Trail Ride founder, added his wagon to the ride in 1954. At that time, the group was known as the Brenham Wagon, later to be designated the Reese Lockett Wagon. Breakfast and dinner meals are still cooked over an open campfire in accordance with Mr. Lockett’s wishes. In the fall of 1962, Mr. Lockett passed the wagon on to Frank Lenich, asking that he carry on the tradition and originality of the group for as long as possible. Don Hildebrandt is a former Salt Grass Trail Boss who still serves on the SGT Advisory Board.

Wagon 4: Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo™ Official Wagon

wagon 4 z

Wagon Boss: Andy McLeod
Asst. Wagon Boss: Jeff Hayes
Teamster: Sam Parker

The members of Wagon 4 are proud to participate in Salt Grass Trail Ride and its traditions.  Wagon 4 is the Official Wagon of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo™. Show officials and dignitaries accompany Wagon 4 in the Conroe Go Texan parade, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo™ parade and nightly in the Show’s Grand Entry.

Wagon 5: Circle S Association

wagon 5 zWagon Boss: Kim Baker
Assistant Wagon Boss: Chuck Coates
Teamster: Susan Coates

Circle S joined the Salt Grass Trail in 1954 with Jack Frost, Buck Conner, and Carl Smith. Carl Smith was brought in to make Wagon 5 the official Harris County Wagon, as he was in office as the Tax Assessor, and the wagon was named Circle S in his honor. Wagon 5 has approximately 40 riders. Kendall Stephanow is the wagon’s youngest rider. C.B. Roberts has ridden the Salt Grass Trail since 1954. Wagon 5 is proud to recognize 3 past Salt Grass Trail Association Trail Bosses. I.H. Perry, C.B. Roberts and David Smith. The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo™ Trail Ride Committee selected Wagon 5 as Best Wagon in 2001. C.B. Roberts and David Smith continue to serve the SGT on the Advisory Board of the Executive Committee.

Wagon 6: Houston Farm & Ranch Club

wagon 6 zWagon Boss: George Love
Assistant Wagon Boss: Debbie Humphrey and Sandra Love
Teamster: Richard Lowe

Official wagon of the Houston Farm & Ranch Club. The original purpose of the Houston Farm & Ranch Club was to promote agriculture and ranching in the community. Wagon 6 is proud to carry the legacy of the Farm & Ranch Club that served the Houston area from 1947 till December 2017.

Wagon 7: The Magnificent 7

wagon 7 zWagon Boss: Kelly Pruitt
Assistant Wagon Boss: Jimmy Clapp
Mule Skinner: Renee Gressett & “Chalupe” Haynie

The Magnificent Seven joined the Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1984. The group has about 100 riders and has hosted a number of distinguished guests over the years, including Dr. Red Duke, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, and former Texas State Comptroller John Sharp, News anchor Shara Fryer, former Texas Secretary of State Jack Rains, and Constable Bill Bailey who was one of the original founders of Wagon 7.

Distinguished members of the group include Johnny Montalbano, Don Jordan, Joey Pedigo, Roy Elledge, John Burns, Mike Johnston and Carolyn Faulk. Longtime riders include Dennis “Magoo” McIinnis, Dozier Partlow, Gary Brown, Angela Montalbano, Sandra Montalbano, Dan and Tammy Johnston, Gary and Dee Dee Trichter, Michelle Mascari, Nowery Smith and Pam Wren.

The Magnificent Seven wagon has won Best Appearing Group in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ parade multiple times. Two of our members have been honored in the past, Butch Hart won Top Trail Horse on “Smokey” in 2011 and Pam Wren won Top Trail Rider in 2014. We are honored to be represented on the Salt Grass Board by two of our own members, Dan Johnston as Assistant Trail Boss and Jody Wren as Chuck Wagon Boss. Vincent Montalbano and Matt Devine represent Wagon 7 as Salt Grass Trail Scouts.

The Magnificent Seven also rolls a second wagon, Wagon 7B, with Dozier Partlow and Gary Mchenry as the mule skinners.

Wagon 8: Lazy 8

wagon 8 zWagon Boss: Steve Parmley
Assistant Wagon Boss: John Parmley
Teamsters: John & Ginger Parmley

Lazy 8 was formed by eight members of the Harris County Sheriff’s Posse, Dude Parmley, Frank E. Mann, George Cook, Jack White, Dr. R.D. Ward, George Allhouse, Ed Hallmark and Frank Trent. At the time, Dude Parmley was the Captain of the Posse. Dude Parmley served as Trail Boss for the Salt Grass Trail from 1973-1975.

The Lazy 8 Wagon has participated in and contributed to the Salt Grass Trail Ride for over 50 years. Wagon 8 has won Best Show Wagon and Best Appearing Group for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo™ Parade 12 times. Group members have won Youngest/Oldest Rider Awards and Farthest Distance Traveled Awards many times. Dude rode horseback every year on the Salt Grass Trail until he joined the Riders in the Sky in 2007. Riders representing Wagon 8 for the Salt Grass Trail are John Parmley a Lifetime Scout and James Williams who serves as Scout.

Ride for the Brand.

Wagon 9: Austin County Trail Riders

wagon 9Wagon Boss: Jimmy Beckendorff
Assistant Wagon Boss: Milton Beckendorff

Wagon 9, Austin County Trail Drivers, has made the Salt Grass Trail Ride since 1955. Gene Beckendorff named the wagon after the home county of the Beckendorff family, who has worked cattle in the area since the 1800s and drove cattle on the Salt Grass of the Southeast Texas Plains for winter pasture. The group has 48 riders led by Wagon Boss Jimmy Beckendorff, who has made the ride since 1967. John Heineike is the oldest rider. Milton Beckendorff currently serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee for the Salt Grass Trail Association.  He has made the Salt Grass Trail Ride for 54 years, longest of any Austin County member.

Wagon 10: Rocking H Riders

wagon10Wagon Boss: Nino Boswell
Assistant Wagon Boss: Karen Shaddox

The Rocking H Trailriders joined the Salt Grass Trail in the mid 1950s as Bubba’s Bandits, and the wagon has rolled every year on the Salt Grass Trail since that time. In the mid 1980s, when Bubba Roth passed away, the wagon changed names and became the Rocking H. At that time Bubba’s nephew, Herman Roth, became owner and operator of the wagon. By 2000, the group had reached 75 riders, and Herman and his wife, Darlene,

selected James and Jerilu Goetzman to lead the group. The Goetzman’s purchased the equipment, and Wagon 10 has remained a family group of riders that enjoy friendship and camaraderie. Jerilu has made the Salt Grass Trail Ride for more than 30 years and held the Executive Offices of Scribe with the Salt Grass Trail from 1990 to 2002, and Public Relations and Special Events Chairman from 1979 to 1987.

Wagon 10 has produced two Salt Grass Trail Bosses: Herman Roth (1985-1987) and James Goetzman (2003-2005). Mr. Roth participated in the Salt Grass Trail Ride until his death in July 2002. Charles Merian won both Top Trail Rider and Trail Horse while he was a member of wagon 10. Charles’ wife, Marsha Merian, also won Best Trail Horse and Cheyenne Hirsch received the Youngest Trail Rider in 2003 and 2004. James and Jerilu’s other granddaughter, Taylor, will soon to be following her grandparent’s footsteps along the trail.

Wagon 11: Are You Lazy Two

wagon 11 zWagon Boss: Delphine Merkel
Assistant Wagon Boss: David P. Meador
Mule Skinner: Delphine Merkel
Junior Mule Skinner: Korbin Kolajajak

Fred Chapman was the founder and original owner of Wagon 11, “Are You Lazy Two.” Mr. Chapman rode his first Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1953, and never missed a ride until his death in June 2002. Chapman’s grandson, David L. Meador, continues the tradition as Wagon Boss for Are You Lazy Two. Chapman’s son-in-law, David P. Meador, was Trail Boss of the Salt Grass Ride in 2000 to 2002, then served as the Chairman of the Executive Board and currently serves on the Board of Directors’ Advisory Board. Some riders say it is not the same without Fred, who always spun a yarn, told tall tales and kept everyone in line. “If you saw him comin’, you’d better start runnin’,” say some group members.

Wagon Boss, Delphine Merkel, is celebrating his 50th year along the Salt Grass Trail and is the longest of any “Are You Lazy Two” members. Delphine is also proud to have his grandson Korbin Kolajajak as the Junior Mule Skinner.

This wagon has about 30 riders. The wagon name, “Are You Lazy Two,” was Fred Chapman’s way of making a point about trail rides: You can be lazy and enjoy the ride with a lifetime of memories…there’s no reason to get in a hurry.

Wagon 12The Rockin B Ranch

wagon 19Wagon Boss: Robert Burns
Assistant Wagon Boss: Linda Buchanan
Mule Skinner: Robert Burns

Ray Holcomb started Wagon 12 (formaly Wagon 19) in 1992. Most of the group’s 35 riders come from Manvel area. Holcomb is the group’s oldest rider and has made the Salt Grass Trail Ride for more than 40 years. Wagon 19’s youngest rider and future Wagon Boss is Robert Dungan, Robert Burn’s Grandson. Robert Burns, the group’s Wagon Boss and mule skinner took over Wagon 19 from Ray Holcomb in 2002. Robert was awarded the Salt Grass Trail Ride’s Top Trail Rider award for 2004. Wagon 19 proudly shares their horses in activities helping special needs individuals throughout each year.

Wagon 13: Desperados

wagon 13 z

Wagon Boss: Gary Smith
Honorary Wagon Boss: Beverly Wilson Smith
Assistant Wagon Boss: Joe Bennett and Peggy waving from Wagon 13
President: Gary D. Smith

The Desperado wagon has been on the Salt Grass Trail Ride for more than 30 years.  The Desperados have welcomed distinguished riders including Welcome Wilson, chairman of the board of regents for the University of Houston, former Houston Chief of Police Harry Caldwell and “The Virginian”, James Drury.  Gary Smith is driving the buggy with other distinguished guests.

The Desperados have won many awards over the years, including Best Appearing Wagon for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo™ downtown parade in 1981, 1982, 1984, 1988, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2010; and Best Show Wagon in 1995, 1997, 2003, 2008 and 2014. Desperados won Best Wagon on the Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1981, 1984 & 1986, and 2nd Place in 1985.  In 1985, Archie “Pa” Bennett, Sr. was awarded the Oldest Male Rider for the Salt Grass Trail.

Wagon 15: Texas Outlaws

wagon 15Wagon Boss: Lauren Spinks
Assistant Wagon Boss: Lynn Ezell

The Texas Outlaws, previously the Pasadena Wagon, joined the Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1982 under former Wagon Boss Bubba Baker. This group of 45 riders comes from all over the state of Texas. The group’s oldest rider is Bobby Schrock, and Jonathan Klepetko is the youngest Texas Outlaw.  Distinguished member Marilyn Demontrond has ridden the Salt Grass Trail for more than 35 years, the longest of any member of the group. The Texas Outlaws’ wagon name originates from the spirit of the members – they are open to new adventures and never back down from a challenge.

Wagon 16: Broken Wheel

wagon 16 zWagon Boss: Lisa Hakemack
Assistant Wagon Boss: Roger Spinks
Teamsters: Lisa Ahrlett & Jeff Wilson

The Broken Wheel Riders joined the Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1962 under founding wagon boss Foster McKnight. The wagon was then passed down to Donald “Duck” Belyeu, who had ridden since 1964. In 2008 he handed the reins over to his daughter Lisa Ahrlett (Hakemack)

This tight-knit group of approximately 40 riders comes from all over Texas every year to ride the trail and catch up with their “trail ride family”. Their riders have truly forged a family-like bond that would have been impossible to form without their dearly missed Riders in the Sky: Foster McKnight, Donald Belyeu, Dawn Belyeu and Pam Belyeu Buckmaster. The group’s youngest riders are 5 year old Cooper Massar and 3 year old Marshall McLain. Their best aged rider is Mrs. Pat Fendley, who hasn’t missed a ride since 1968. Broken Wheel has had the same wagon and name since they started in 1962, and they have never missed a year on the trail. The name Broken Wheel has suited them well over the years as they have ridden through a couple of rides and even a parade with a real broken wheel, but thanks to Duck’s ingenuity they never let it stop them from completing a day’s ride!

Wagon 17: Brazos River Riders

wagon 17Wagon Boss: Kurt Klausmeyer
Assistant Wagon Boss: Travis Hakemack
Teamster:  Buddy Schulz

The Brazos River Riders joined the Salt Grass Trail Ride in 1972 and have not missed a ride since. They have approximately 40 members. Kathleen Klausmeyer, John Phillips, Karen Klausmeyer, Kurt Klausmeyer, Philip and Doyleen Fairchild, and Tom and Sally Hakemack have all been members of the Salt Grass Trail Ride for more than 40 years. Tom Hakemack served as Chief of Scouts from 2002 to 2005. Sally Hakemack has served on the Salt Grass Trail Ride Executive Board as Public Relations and Special Events Chairman and currently serves as Scribe. Philip Fairchild has served as Route Boss on the Executive Board and currently serves as Assistant Trail Boss. Also riding with them are scouts, Wesley Martin, Joe Diez, and Rusty Sillivan.

Brazos River Riders participate in many parades and trail rides throughout the year. Our wagon name originated from the Brazos River, which is the boundary between Waller and Austin Counties where most members reside. Our awards include Top Trail Rider: Kurt Klausmeyer (1996), Top Trail Horse: Travis Hakemack riding “Mandy” (1997), Tyler Klesel riding “Rebel” (2013), Kurt Klausmeyer riding Blue Duck (2016); Youngest Riders: Phyllis Fairchild (1985), Dustin Cope (2000, 2003, 2005, 2008) Tyler Klesel (2007, 2008, 2009), Ronnie Lee Thrasher II (2009), Morgan Thrasher (2010), Hunter Hinze (2013), Heath Hinze (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), Ace Jerome Vance (2019), Avery Grace Vance (2019).

Wagon 18: Independent Riders

wagon 18Wagon Boss: Buddy Jones
Assistant Wagon Boss: Shane Linnell
Mule Skinner: Buddy Jones & Shane Linnell

The 59 Independent wagon joined the Salt Grass Trail in the early 1970’s, and the wagon’s history goes back farther than any of its present members. The group’s name originated from the founders of the club who were all from the North US 59 area. We carry on the tradition and their motto: “Independent is a state of mind.” The wagon has 20 riders, led by Wagon Boss Buddy Jones.

Shane Linnell is Wagon 18’s Assistant Wagon Boss and is beginning his third term on the Salt Grass Executive Board as Wagon Boss. Buddy drives the team of mules, but group members joke that when Buddy drives, the mules are usually in charge. We are happy to be part of this grand Texas tradition. Our team is also blessed to pull a wagon in the Grand Entry of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo™ .

Wagon 19: Longneck Riders

Wagon 22Wagon Boss: Poncho Dismukes
Assistant Wagon Boss: Stuart Markwardt

The Long Neck Riders joined the Salt Grass Trail in 1979. Poncho Dismukes is the longest riding member, having made the Salt Grass Trail Ride for more than 30 plus years.

The Long Neck Riders have won several awards along the Salt Grass Trail, 2nd Place Best Wagon in 1982, 1st Place Best Wagon in 1983 and 3rd Place Best Wagon in 1984. They also won Best Appearing Wagon for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Parade in 1982. The Long Neck Riders have had 4Salt Grass Trail Top Trail Riders: Rueben Mikeska in 1989, Poncho Dismukes in 1990, E.C. Kennedy in 1992, and Chad Dismukes in 2011. They have also had 2 Salt Grass Top Trail Horses: Mercedes in 2010 Owner Larry Davis. Scarlet in 2012, Owner Kristi McBride and Cochise in 2018 Owner, Teresa Witten. Along with being the founder of the Long Neck Riders, Poncho Dismukes currently represents the Salt Grass Trail Executive Committee on the board of directors.

Wagon 20: Double “M” Trail Riders – DR-20

wagon 20 zWagon Boss: Mitch Morgan
Assistant Wagon Boss: Cam Morgan
Mule Skinner: Cam Morgan; Dusty Rhodes

Charlie Morgan and his father, Floyd Morgan, rode the Salt Grass Trail Ride on horseback with Julias Collier from Tomball for many years. Floyd Morgan wanted to drive his own wagon, so Charlie purchased the wagon for his dad in 1975. Floyd was able to fulfill his dream and drove the Double “M” wagon for the 1975 Salt Grass Trail Ride before he passed away in August of that year. Charlie takes pride in honoring his father’s wish by keeping the wagon on the Salt Grass Trail all these years.

At 88, Charlie is the group’s oldest rider, and his great-grandchildren Morgan, Colton, Wyatt, EJay, Jacob, Katlyn, Corrina, Cheyenne, Ella, Cash, Macey, Peyton, Declan and Dovie represent the fifth generation of the Double M tradition. In 1981, the “Double M” won the Best Wagon award, and in 2001, Mitch Morgan was awarded Top Trail Rider. Charlie and his son, Mitch Morgan, have ridden the Salt Grass Trail together for more than 45 years. Charlie represents the Salt Grass Trail Ride as the Ambassador of Goodwill, and served as Chief of Scouts for many years. His son, Mitch, carried on the tradition by serving as the Chief of Scouts for 6 years. This was the first time in the history of the Salt Grass Trail that a father and son held this position.

Mitch is representing the Salt Grass Trail as the Chairman of the Executive Board, Jeremiah “JJ” Horn, son-in-law of Mitch Morgan, and Richard Horn take great pride in representing the Double M on the Executive Board as the Livestock Boss and Utility Boss for the Salt Grass Trail.

The “Double M” name comes from Floyd Morgan and Charlie Morgan. “Double M” will be extended to represent Mitch Morgan and his son Cam Morgan in future years. DR-20 is a symbol added in 2005 in honor of Dusty Rhodes, a lifelong friend to the Morgan’s, and a fellow Sgt. Scout representing the “Double M” wagon on the Salt Grass Trail. Dusty Rhodes’ horse D-9 was awarded Top Trail Horse in 2005.

Double M has won many awards throughout the years and are very proud of all their winners.

Wagon 21: Rounders

wagon 21 zWagon Boss: Angie Gonzales
Assistant Wagon Boss: Joe Bergstrom
Teamsters: Betty Doss and John Mikolajewski

Frank Majorwitz, Billy Baichtal, Fenton Hauck, Ron Johnson, Jeff Lehmann, and a few other Salt Grass Trail riders founded the Rounders in 1973 with the purpose of promoting western heritage, friendship, and fellowship and preserving the past while preparing for the future. The group was called the Rounders, after the expert horsemen who rode out to round up stray cattle in the days of the American cattle drives.

The Rounders contribute to and participate in numerous charitable trail rides and events each year, including the Saddle-Up for St. Jude ride and Adopt a Hero for Christmas benefiting wounded US soldiers. The Rounders’ Annual Shane Harris Memorial Poker Ride, held in October each year in honor of one of the Rounders’ Riders in the Sky, benefits a scholarship fund for firefighter training, equipment, and continuing education.

In more than 45 consecutive years of riding the Salt Grass Trail, the Rounders have won numerous awards, including Best Wagon and Best Showmanship. Three Rounders have won Best Trail Horse awards – Jaynie Carrens on “Sundance” in 1986, Stan Moss on “Toro” in 2002 and Lynne Cantrell “Blanco” in 2015. Youngest Girl Rider awards were presented to Ashley Johnson in 2001 and Hali Belcher in 2002. In 1991 & 2004, Top Trail Rider Don Nelson in 2016, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Parade Committee voted the Rounders Best Appearing Group, and in 1976 the Rounders were the Rodeo Parade’s “Best Centennial Wagon”. In 2005, Jeannine Templeton was recognized as the Most Knowledgeable and Experienced Woman of the Salt Grass Trail. And in 2009, Dave Young from Livonia, NY won the award for Furthest Traveled inside the US.

The Rounders are proud to recognize three past Salt Grass Trail Bosses, Bill Henry, the late James Goetzman, and the late David Smith, who were and will always be part of the Rounders Family.

Curtis Pietrowski, Chuck Wagon Boss, Ronnie Havemann, Campsite Boss and Conni Meyer, Chairman of Public Relations are proud to serve on the Executive Board for the Salt Grass Trail Ride.  In addition, Don Nelson and Joe Bergstrom represents the Rounders as a Scouts and Joe also serves on the first responder Safety Team.

Wagon 22: Chappell Hill Cowpokes

wagon 24 z

Wagon Boss: Clifford Miller
Assistant Wagon Boss: James Kubeczka
Mule Skinner:  Tom Kubeczka

Established in 1984 with only 10 riders, the Chappell Hill Cowpokes are a great group of about 45 members.  Parents and children, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, as well as many friends, participate as one BIG family in this group.  The Cowpokes do not meet a stranger!

The name of the wagon originated from the fact that a number of the charter members actually resided in historic Chappell Hill, Texas. ‘Cowpokes’ then added just the right touch to complete the name.

The Cowpokes’ oldest rider and Charter Member, Tom Kubeczka, has ridden the Salt Grass Trail Ride for 54 years. Chappell Hill’s many distinguished riders include:  2008 Top Trail Rider – Joe Landry; 2010 Most Experienced Female Rider – Joy Seidel; 2010 Top Trail Rider – Brett Schroeder; and, 2011 and 2016 Oldest Male Rider – Tom Kubeczka.  Cowpoke Terry Shupak and Joe Landry also represent the Salt Grass Trail Ride as Scouts who safely guide us down the trail.  Other Charter Members include Lisa Stark Kaspar, James Kubeczka and Steve Wahrenberger.  Carrying out the tradition, the following Cowpokes made the original SGT Ride out of Brenham, TX at one time or another:  Tom Kubeczka, Gary Ladewig, Steve Wahrenberger and Butch Hegemeyer.

Wagon 23: The Texas Legacy Riders

Wagon24Wagon Boss: Pam Wren
Assistant Wagon Boss: Dickey Davis
Mule Skinner: Larry Dennison/Ty Whiting

The Texas Legacy Riders is the newest wagon on the Salt Grass Trail Ride. The name was chosen to honor the amazing legacy and memory of those that are gone but certainly not forgotten.  The wagon will be “Riding in Memory of Jody Wren” and others for whom the Salt Grass Trail Ride was an integral part of their lives.  Pam Wren’s husband, Jody, was serving on the Salt Grass Executive Board when he left us to become a “Rider in the Sky”.

Pam purchased the wagon from long-time Wagon Boss Dickey Davis.  Dickey has ridden as the Wagon Boss for the Monaville Bandits for the last 40 years and is a former Trail Boss.  As an active member of the Executive Board, he will continue to ride with this new adventure.

Pam has partnered with Chris Miller, Michelle Crite and Bridget Reid-Wood. All of the Bandits’ riders will remain and there will be new additions to take this wagon down the trail.

Wagon 25 (24):   Iron Horse Guest Ranch


Wagon Boss: Niki Henson
Assistant Wagon Boss: Carroll Shawver
Mule Skinner: Alex Henson

Iron Horse Guest Ranch wagon is the newest wagon on Salt Grass Trail Ride.  In 2016, Alex and Niki Henson purchased the wagon from a gentleman in Colorado because of its special modifications.  The wagon is equipped with an electric wheelchair lift along with removable seats giving it the ability to accommodate up to 4 wheelchairs.  Dustyn Henson, their oldest son, who uses a wheelchair, loves trailrides and wanted to be included in the family adventures. Iron Horse Guest Ranch wagon enjoys giving rides to veterans, people with disabilities, and their families.

Our country’s veterans are very near and dear to the hearts of Iron Horse. Alex Henson served for 9 years in the United States Navy as a SeaBee. Alex and Niki Henson’s younger son, Caleb Henson is a 1st Lieutenant in the Waller High School Airforce JROTC program, volunteers at Texas, Children’s Hospital, and helps work on the family ranch.

Iron Horse Guest Ranch Riders is a unique group composed of riders of all ages.  Many of the riders are a part of the Wrangler training program where they learn to become the equivalent of lifeguards on horseback. The Wrangler training program includes horsemanship, first aid, cpr, and emergency management training. They regularly do drills to keep their skills current. The wagon also has their own scout team used in WarmUp rides and charity events.

Many of the Iron Horse Guest Ranch Riders are members of the Mounted Search division of First Priority Search And Recovery, a 501c3 organization, where Niki Henson is the Equestrian Coordinator.

The wagon is pulled by a team of Belgian mules, Bob and Bill.  They were purchased together as half brothers, Amish trained, and worked in the mountains of middle Tennessee.  Bob and Bill were featured in a Hollywood movie, “Stroke of Genius”. They have been working pulling multiple Iron Horse wagons in Texas since 2016. They love sandwiches and getin’ their ears scratched.

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