SGTR By-Laws



Sec. 1.
NAME: The name of this corporation is the SALT GRASS TRAIL ASSOCIATION

Sec. 2.
The principle place of business shall be at the Houston Farm and Ranch Club, One Abercrombie Drive, Houston, Texas 77084

Sec. 3.
PURPOSE: The purpose of the organization is social and the Corporation is formed to stimulate, promote and encourage the love of horses, riding, good fellowship and to perpetuate the memory of the original riders of the SALT GRASS TRAIL and to further stimulate, promote and encourage the best interest of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Inc., and of agriculture, livestock raising and marketing. The Corporation is not formed for political or partisan purposes as herein above stated, as authorized by the laws of the State of Texas.


Sec. 1.
QUALIFICATION: Any person of good character who is interested in the advancement of agriculture and/or animal husbandry and who has been approved by their wagon boss shall be eligible for membership. Only those members eighteen (18) years of age or older may vote.

Sec. 2.
MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall include those people who are in good standing, who have paid the required dues and who have been approved by their wagon boss.

Sec. 3.
TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP: Membership shall be non-transferable, and shall terminate on failure to pay annual dues.

Sec. 4.
ANNUAL MEETING: An annual meeting of the members shall be held at such time and place as the Executive Committee may designate at which time the members shall elect officers and transact such other business as may be properly brought before the meeting; provided that notice of the meeting shall be mailed to all members at their last known address and at least ten (10) days in advance of the meeting date.

Sec. 5.
SPECIAL MEETINGS: Special meetings of the Association may be called by the Trail Boss and/or the Executive Committee, or upon request of five (5) officers or upon written request of twenty-five (25) or more members. Said request for special meetings must be made in writing through the Scribe.

Sec. 6.
QUORUM: At any annual meeting or special meeting of the Association a quorum shall consist of at least fifty (50) members in good standing. Each member shall be entitled to one (1) vote in person at any meeting of the membership.

Sec. 7.
ORDER OF BUSINESS: All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Parliamentary procedure as set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order.


Sec. 1.
A. TRAIL BOSS: It is the duty of the Trail Boss to preside at all the meetings of the Association, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors; he shall be, in addition to his other duties, ex-officio member of all committees and shall appoint members thereof, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

B. ASSISTANT TRAIL BOSS: In the absence of, or in the case of the inability of the Trail boss to act, or at the request of the Trail Boss, it shall be the duty of the Assistant Trail Boss to perform all the duties of the Trail Boss. In the absence of the Trail Boss or the Assistant Trail Boss from a meeting, the chairman for that meeting shall be elected from the floor.

C. WAGON BOSS: It shall be the duty of and responsibility of the Wagon Boss to Have general supervision of all wagons and other vehicles, other than Chuck Wagons, when on the trail.

D. CHUCK WAGON BOSS: The Chuck Wagon Boss shall operate at the discretion of the Trail Boss and perform whatever duties and or responsibilities assigned to him by the Trail Boss.

E. TREASURER: The Treasurer shall have custody of all monies and financial records of the association. He shall render all bills and shall submit a report, when Requested, within thirty (30) days, of all monies received and disbursed since the previous report. At the annual meeting he shall submit a written report covering the activities of his office, including a complete financial statement of all monies and disbursements, and a statement of membership of the Association. At the expiration of his term of office, he shall turn over to his successor all books, monies and other property of the Association in his custody, and shall receive a receipt therefore.

F. SCRIBE (SECRETARY): The Scribe and his and/or her assistant shall keep an Accurate record of all proceedings of the Association and shall have custody Of all official correspondence, and shall act under the authority of the Executive Committee.

G. CAMP SITE BOSS: It shall be the duty and responsibility of the Camp Site Boss To secure adequate campground facilities for the annual trail ride and other activities of the Association with the approval of the Executive committee. Further, he shall allocate spaces at each campsite location for each wagon.

H. UTILITY BOSS: It shall be the duty of the Utility Boss to see that adequate stock water is provided on the trail and at the campsites. Further, he shall see that adequate facilities are provided for porta-cans, both on the trail and at the camp sites.

I. PUBLIC RELATIONS AND SPECIAL EVENTS BOSS: It shall be the duty of The Public Relations and Special Events Boss to promote and publicize the best Interests of the Association and to encourage participation of members in special Events.


K: LIVESTOCK BOSS: It shall be the duty of the Livestock Boss to confirm that all Rules and regulations pertaining to livestock are obeyed and enforced.

L. INFORMATION OFFICER: It shall be the duty of the Information Officer to Maintain an information station at the entrance to all campsites to be operated on a twenty-four (24) hour basis for the purposes of disseminating information, communications and first aid facilities.

Sec. 2.
HONORARY TRAIL BOSS: The President of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Inc. shall have the right to become the Honorary Trail Boss of the SALT GRASS ASSOCIATION upon his election to the Presidency of the Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo, Inc.

Sec. 3.
VACANCIES: If the office of any executive committeeman becomes vacant for any Reason, the Trail Boss shall appoint a successor who shall hold office for the unexpired Term in respect to which such vacancy occurred, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

If for any reason the Trail Boss and the Assistant Trail Boss are unable to act, it shall be the duty of the Trail Boss or the Assistant Trail Boss in the absence of the Trail Boss, to Appoint one of the past Trail Bosses to serve as Acting Trail Boss as long as deemed necessary.


Sec. 1.
ELECTION: The officers of the Association immediately upon election by the membership shall also serve as the Executive Committee and shall have the control and management of the affairs and funds of the corporation. The immediate past Trail Boss shall be the chairman of the Executive Committee. All past Trail bosses shall be members of the Executive Committee.

Sec. 2.
MEETINGS: The Executive Committee shall hold meetings when notified by the Trail boss or Scribe at any place within Harris County, or upon the written request by five (5) Members of the Executive Committee directed to the Scribe and five (5) officers shall Constitute a quorum.


Sec. 1.
NUMBER: All Wagon bosses and Assistant Wagon bosses shall be members of the Board of Directors. The Officers of the Association and the immediate Past Trail Boss shall serve as members of the Board of Directors.

POWERS: The Board of Directors shall have no authority over the management of the Corporation, but shall serve only in an advisory capacity. The Board shall from time to time communicate to the membership and/or Executive Committee its recommendations related to the management and public relations affairs of the Association as shall be best suited in its judgment for accomplishing the purposes of the Association.

Sec. 3.
MEETINGS: The Board of Directors shall hold meetings whenever notified by the Trail boss or Scribe, or upon written request by five (5) members of the Executive Committee directed to the Scribe, provided at least five (5) days written notice is given the Board Members, and five (5) officers shall constitute a quorum.


Sec. 1.
APPOINTMENTS: The Trail Boss shall appoint members to such standing and special committees as he deems necessary, but subject to confirmation by the Executive committee.

Sec. 2.
NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The nominating committee shall consist of all past Trail Bosses and five (5) members in good standing appointed by the Trail Boss and the Executive committee. The Nominating Committee shall elect its own chairman.

Sec. 3.
NOMINATIONS: The Nominating committee shall nominate a candidate for each elected office. No member of the Nominating committee may be nominated by that committee. A list of the candidates nominated by the Nominating committee shall be included in the notice of the time and place of the Annual Meeting. Further nominations may be made by written petition signed by at least twenty (20) voting members in good standing and certified by the Scribe at least fifteen (15) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Sec. 4.
ELECTIONS: Voting for officers shall be at the Annual meeting by members in good standing and present at said meeting.


Sec. 1.
DUES: The annual dues shall be set by the Trail Boss and the Executive Committee

Sec. 2.
SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS: The Executive Committee may not make any special assessment upon members without their expressed consent. If a special assessment is deemed necessary by the Executive committee, full details of such special assessment shall be set forth in notices of any meeting, annual or special, and such special assessment cannot be levied unless it receives a two-thirds (2/3) affirmation vote of the members present at said annual or special meeting.

Sec. 3.
MEMBERSHIP CARD: The Scribe shall prepare membership cards for issuance to members


Sec. 1.
No obligations, except incidental expenses, shall be incurred and no continuing obligations entered into without two-thirds (2/3) approving vote at a meeting of the Executive committee.

Sec. 2.
The payment of all obligations shall be approved by the Executive Committee and all checks and vouchers shall be signed by the Treasurer and any officer or officers designated by the Executive Committee.


Sec. 1.
All voting members shall have the right to hold office, petition, or vote if he/she shall have paid dues for the current year at least thirty (30) days prior to any annual or special election.


Sec. 1.
These by-laws may be altered, amended or repealed by a majority of the voting members in good standing present in person at any annual or special meeting of the members of the Association, provided written notice of the proposed amendment or amendments has been mailed to each member by the Scribe at his last known address at least ten (10) days in advance of the meeting.

Sec. 2.
A particular section of these by-laws, may be suspended by unanimous consent of the members present at any meeting for a single stated purpose provided a Quorum is present

Sec. 3.
Any amendment to these by-laws, upon compliance with section 1, of this Article, shall become effective immediately after approval by the Association.

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