Sound Man/Safety Team

Chad SoundChad Dismukes

Sound Truck

Chad was born and raised in Brenham, TX and has been around all types of livestock his entire life. Chad has been a member of the Salt Grass Trail since 1985 and held the position of Wagon Boss from 2004-2014 of the 38 year family owned Wagon # 23 The Long Neck Riders which his Father and Past Trail Boss Poncho Dismukes founded in 1979. Chad knows many people along the ride, and many of those have known him since he was a little buck-a-rue, he also received the Top Trail Rider award in 2011 and believes the western tradition and fellowship lives on. Chad is professional Firefighter for The City of Katy and is married to his wife Amanda who is a school teacher at Brenham High School; they have 2 daughters, Audrey and Callie. “Even though things have changed a lot since the days of sleeping in a mash style army tent the Salt Grass Trail is still the “granddaddy of them all” says Chad.


Each morning on the Salt Grass Trail, Chad Dismukes begins by playing the “Cattle Call” by 5:30am to rouse weary riders from sleep.  In addition to waking the riders each day, he broadcasts the Invocation and National Anthem each morning before pullout and delivers announcements in camp and along the ride. The Trail Boss relies on Chad to get important information to the riders and to assist with the safety of the ride by helping the Scouts block traffic and bring vehicles through from behind the ride to prevent traffic jams.

“I’m honored to follow Curtis’s footsteps as the voice of the Salt Grass Trail,” Chad says, “I consider myself very fortunate to hold this position which gives me the opportunity to visit with many friends and make the ride as fun and safe as possible.”


Safety Team

Chad also serves on the Safety Team place for Salt Grass Trail Ride

Although safety should be every rider’s primary concern. The Wagon Bosses, Assistant Wagon Bosses, and Scouts, are alert to any situation that could potentially cause an accident or injury to a Salt Grass Trail Ride member, guest or spectators. Chad looks forward to another Safe and successful ride for 2016.

Chad is one of the founding members of the Safety Team that is in place for Salt Grass Trail Ride and with only a few safety incidents each year, thankfully no one has been seriously injured.  The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ has been pleased with the program and subsequently requested each trail ride, under the auspices of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Trail Ride™ Committee, to designate a Safety Team for their ride.  An accident/incident reporting form has been designed for use by the Salt Grass Trail Ride and this form is used by all rides as a guideline for collecting information from an accident/incident that requires medical attention or involves property damage.


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